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Mr. Tooly's Adventure 1

2009-06-26 10:22:56 by baserk101

Finally, I submitted a new animation to the portal! Hooray!

Dammit! Blammed!

2008-10-27 03:21:07 by baserk101

My game has been blammed. Dammit!
Haven't been to NG for a while. only seen that I have no flash after My exams at skewl.

Submitted a new game.

2008-10-19 10:45:17 by baserk101

Made and submitted a new game!!! It's called Jedi Lightsaber Trainer. Check it out and comment if you like it.


2008-10-18 21:21:10 by baserk101

I was banned for three days for "making a spam topic". Yeah, righ(sarcasm intended)t. Pm me if you think that "Ways to get kicked out of walmart" is a spam topic.